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A pastebin-like site which once offered its users to earn Bitcoins through pasting. Despite the last payments were done in 2015, it is still being used by various users. The site has no internal search option, but Google Custom Search can be used to identify relevant pastes. However, who much Google covers is unknown.

Pastebin Dump []REPORT
Pastebin Dump is a site which monitors Pastebin and identifies pastes containing data leaks. The site allows users to search whether or not their E-mail account has been spotted in any of the found leaks. More interestingly, the site provides a list of the leaks that they found, with links to the specific pastes included. The site also has a REST API that allows for easy extraction of dump data. []REPORT is popular paste site. The site has an internal search engine. While an API is available, it can be used solely for creating pastes and not searching the site. []REPORT
The most familiar paste site, which was adopted by Anonymous, then later cybercriminals and other threat actors. A paste search is available, based on Google Custom Search, as well as a scraping API for monitoring.
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