Malicious Activity

DISCLAIMER: The following page contains links to third party websites which Inteller does not control nor inspect. Visit and use these sites at your own risk.
VirusShare []REPORT
A project dedicated to sharing malware hashes and their scan results by multiple AV vendors. Login enables searching for specific hashes-of-interest.

Blocklist Files

Following are direct links to blocklist files in TXT, CSV or JSON format. The blocklist enable the easy integration with security and network appliances, such as firewalls and DNS servers. However, the items within these lists are often presented without any context.
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About Inteller

Inteller empowers web intelligence teams by providing them with proprietary technology that automates collection, processing and dissemination of intelligence based on multiple and diverse web-based sources, customized for every team's needs.
We help our customers scale their intelligence collection and analysis operations, provide better deliverables to their stakeholders, all the while optimizing their resources for efficient collection and analysis.
The Inteller platform’s unique modular design enables it to monitor a wide array of sources, including dark web, open source, social media and more, while providing a high level of customization.

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