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Blockchain DNS Explorer []REPORT
Blockchain DNS Explorer lists all non-expired domain names registered in Namecoin and Emercoin networks that have an IP address attached. It is possible to search whether or not a domain is already taken, as well as explore registered domains and their current IP addresses. Useful for monitoring brand abuses and to extract the IP addresses of dark web sites that utilize these networks for their domain names.

A listing of newly-registered domains, available for search via keywords. Useful for identifying recently-registered brand abuse and Phishing attacks.

DomainTools WHOIS []REPORT
DomainTools is a popular tool for investigators and researchers. While its free WHOIS query on domains and IP addresses is not unique, DomainTools premium services such as domain history or reverse domain lookup can be applied on the results.

MX Toolbox []REPORT
MX Toolbox's Supertool can be used to perform dozens of different lookups, including MX lookup, site blacklist check, WHOIS lookup, DNS check and much more. One of its most interesting features is the reverse lookup - given an IP address, it will list all domains that are pointing to that server. While the results are often incomplete, it is a great tool for discovering additional domains that point to the same server, which can be very useful when performing link analysis research. Their RESTful API enables for querying their services, with a free-to-try option available.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal Community Edition []REPORT
Security firm RiskIQ offers a free community edition for its platform PassiveTotal, which collects comprehensive information on every site, IP address and domain. It is possible to query the platform for IP address, host, domain, SSL Cert SHA-1 to retrieve information on the queried item. Furthermore, it is possible to provide an E-mail address as the query and receive a list of sites that were registered using that address (WHOIS). Threat intelligence information, if associated with the results of the query, is also provided. The platform enables exploration of web resources related to the query. PassiveTotal Community Edition is free and requires registration. A premium tier and API are also available.

Robtex []REPORT
Robtex uses various sources to gather public information about IP numbers, domain names, host names, Autonomous systems, routes etc. It then indexes the data in a big database and provide free access to the data. It is a great resource for investigating websites, IP addresses and domains.

Threat Crowd []REPORT
Threat Crowd is a site powered by AlienVault which provides the ability to search based on IP address, domain, E-mail or organization. A search provides available related information, such as WHOIS query results, as well as any indication of threats associated with the queried item, taken from AlienVault OTX. All information is provided in a visual graph view which enables the research of the results.

ThreatMiner []REPORT
ThreatMiner is a database of malware IOCs, including file samples, domains, hosts and E-mail addresses. While they only seem to be provide the last 10 entries, it is possible to query their database using an IP address, domain, E-mail address, and more, in order to see if they are part of a current or past malware campaign.

WHOIS Domain Search []REPORT
WHOIS Domain Search provide various domain tracking services. Among those is a service which provides a list of all the newly-registered domains. While the full service requires registration at a cost, they do offer a list of domains registered int he last 4 days. The list seems to be less complete than the one provided in DNPedia.
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