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Canada 411 []REPORT
Canadian people and business search. Search by name or phone number. Results include the name and full address of the person or business, as well as phone number in case the search was conducted by name. []REPORT
A people search engine, which looks up public information once given a first name, last name and state (optional). Search results are obtained from general public records, marketing data, public property reports, vehicle sales records, business registration records, WHOIS records, US voter registration, court records, public campaign contributions, white house visitors list and US patent applications.Naturally, works most efficiently on Americans, but can also return results on non-Americans in certain categories such as WHOIS. []REPORT
Pipl is a people search engine which specializes in retrieving information on individuals based on phone number, name, E-mail address or username. Unlike some services such as Spokeo, the returned results are not obfuscated. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the results may vary depending on the queried information. An API is available, starting at $0.05 per query, with a demo available.

Spokeo []REPORT
Spokeo specializes in identifying individuals based on name, E-mail address, physical address or phone number. Their search results are often partially obfuscated, revealed only after purchase, the part that is available may still provide invaluable information. The accuracy and comprehensiveness of the results may vary depending on the queried information. The service does have an API, but to use it you must contact Spokeo directly and request a key.

WebMii enables users to search for individuals by name and display pages, images and videos associated with them. While the results can be limited at times, and the site can sometimes erroneously associate images with certain individuals, it can be a good resource for finding previously unknown articles, images and videos.

Whitepages []REPORT
The website of Whitepages enables searches based on name, phone number, address and business name. Information retrieved includes the name and current address of each search result. A premium tier is available which includes more information. The site offers a premium API for querying.
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